May 7, 2011

Minnebar 2011

Today I am attending Minnebar to hear about what cool things other marketers, developers and designers are doing along with hearing about things I should be doing. So far today I listend to Mike Bollinger on Responsive Web Design and Garrick Van Buren on pairing fonts.

Mike Bollinger put on a solid presentation going over the why and how of Responsive Web Design. Mike was clear in what his presentation was about, provided valuable information, and could speak clearly to the audience on the topic. He did a good job of stepping through the how. While I did not find any of his information that ground breaking or new, I did find it useful for implementing these techniques in my own work. Thanks Mike!

Garrick Van Buren presented on how to pair fonts by looking at stroke contrast, serif type, shape, and terminal endings. The presentation focused on Garrick showing us a font then calling out these four features about it, and then showing us some good pairing options. His primary point when pairing fonts was to find a contrasting font on the four features, and also a complimenting font. The presentation was designed well and Garrick also knew typography well. The only short coming of the presentation was it went a too fast. Although his going short gave me time to compose this post before the next session 🙂 . It would have been great if he had dived into to a bit more of the theory as opposed to “giving us the answers” by showing us the pairs. Though he did explain the why of the pairing.


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