May 22, 2011

Canoe Mold Build Day 5

Kevin and I’s approach on the this project has been a 2-part strategy. Part one is that we meet weekly on Wednesdays to work on our canoe, and between our weekly meetings we each pick up relevant supplies and tools for our next meeting. Last week we had to cancel due to scheduling issue so this past week we doubled up. Day 3 and 4 were Monday and Wednesday. With foaming taking longer than the single day we thought it would we figured Wednesday would be our big day of completing the foaming. As Wednesday wrapped up and I realized this was not the case a feeling of incompleteness started shadowing the week. Not to mention with just 24-hours until church there was a definite deficiency in spiritual carbs [See Is There An App for That – Grow]. This set me up for day five of the canoe build being Friday night. I was compelled to complete the foaming by the end of the week

Day 5

Foaming complete after 3 days of work

Foaming complete after 3 days of work

Late in the evening Amy and I decided to team up and finish the foaming. As I mentioned before the foaming is a two person operation so her help was essential. Plus she had prior experience as on day 4 she did help Kevin and I by holding pieces for us. In a short 2 hours Amy and I filled in the final top section of the stations/strongback with foam. It was awesome to see the entire frame covered in foam. Plus Amy is now officially apart of the canoe build with two nights of service under her belt.

Next Steps

The next step in the canoe building process is to sand the foam. As we sand the foam to an even and consistent surface we will be determining the final shape and countours of the canoe. This will definately be a time consuming endeavor as this is where we need perfection in our work. Once the foam is sanded a few thin coats of drywall mud will be applied and then it will be time for the fiberglass.


  • Amy is an amazing wife (okay maybe I knew this already).
  • Friday night foaming with the woman you love is awesome.
  • I need to be more patient with the canoe building process.

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  1. Amy says:

    You are an amazing husband and foaming with you that Friday was a great time 🙂

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