November 6, 2011

Arduino Engine Fan Controller

Yesterday I put a good part of my day into taking the next steps of having my Arduino power the cooling fan for my truck. This will likely be the same Arduino that will be the remote start too assuming it can handle multiple operations.  In the video below I demo the functional logic of the circuit with features an automatic temperature based control and a manual push button for those occasional 100* F Summer days. The next step is to wire this circuitry into the existing fan relays and remove the previous circuitry I built. I have nicknamed this project and the Remote GSM Car Starter the S10Duino.


4 responses to “Arduino Engine Fan Controller”

  1. Eric Reyes says:

    Hello Mr. Hein,
    Happy New Year!

    I am attempting to create something similar, have you completed this project?

    Best regards,
    Eric Reyes

  2. Nathan says:

    I did complete the Arduino including wiring up the necessary relays to trigger the cooling fan. I just have not installed it on my vehicle as the previous circuit I implemented has been working so well.

    What question(s) do you have?

  3. Will says:

    I want to do something similar with my 2005 F-150. I already have dual electric cooling fans installed. These are 2012+ Motorcraft F-150 fans. I have a simple on/off thermistor switch controlling them for both engine temperature and A/C function. I would like to use the Arduino with a variable thermistor on both engine coolant and A/C temp to control the fans vai PWM. Is this what you are doing? Do you have suggested wiring diagrams?

  4. Nathan says:

    Yes I am using a PWM that is mounted on the board under the hood to adjust when the fan kicks on low and a second one that kicks the fan on high based on the resistance from the temp sensor.

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