February 6, 2014

Polishing Knobs For Unisaw

My process for polishing the locking knobs for my Rockwell Unisaw restoration.

Tonight I started polished one of the Unisaw’s three locking knobs. I used a 6″ 1/2 hp buffer equipped with a Spiral sewn buffing wheel and a Loose Cotton buffing wheel.

The buffing process is simple. Use a Brown polishing compound on the Spiral Sewn buffing wheel to get the initial clean buffed look. Then follow up with the softer Loose Cotton buffing wheel with the smoother Dark Gray polishing compound. I spent about 10 minutes polishing this knob between the two wheels and compounds.

I a very please with the results.

Before Polishing

Unisaw Dust Door Knob

After Polishing

Unisaw Dust Door Knob Polished


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