March 16, 2014

Restored Rockwell Unisaw

The completed restoration of my 1977 Rockwell International 34-461 Unisaw

Over the course of two months I completely disassembled, cleaned, primed, painted, and replaced the bearings of a 1977 Rockwell Unisaw bringing it back to a like new condition.

Below you can see the restored Unisaw in all of it’s glory ready for another 30 years of service. Before pictures can be seen here.

Refurbished 1977 Rockwell International Unisaw
Rockwell Unisaw - Front, top, and side

3 Horsepower, 230 volt, single phase motor with brand new bearings.
Rockwell Unisaw - Front, top, and side

Right-tilt configuration
Rockwell Unisaw - motor

Low voltage motor starter and control recessed into the rear of the cabinet.
Rockwell Unisaw - side and back

LED lights and white painted interior for increased visibility.
Rockwell Unisaw - Trunnion and motor