July 1, 2014

Simple Way to Disable Spotlight Drive Indexing on OSX

spotlight-indexingOSX Spotlight’s driving indexing can be a nuisance on drives that don’t need search capabilities or that need a greater level of privacy. All it takes to disable Spotlight’s drive indexing is to create a blank file on the root of the drive.

Disable Spotlight Drive Indexing in 4-steps

1. Create a file called “.metadata_never_index” at the root folder of the drive. Example:
touch /Volumes/[VolumeNameHere]/.metadata_never_index
2. To confirm and remove and previous indexing, execute the following command:
mv /Volumes/[VolumeNameHere]/.Spotlight-V100/ /Volumes/[VolumeNameHere]/.Spotlight-V100-REMOVED
3. Disconnect and reconnect the drive (do not forget to unmount the drive first).

4. Once the drive is reconnected, confirm that a new .Spotlight-V100 folder has NOT been created.


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