December 20, 2015

Building a canoe paddle – More Photos of Profiler Jig

My original post on building a lightweight canoe paddle received many comments asking for more photos of the Canoe Paddle Profiler jig used for shaping the canoe paddle’s blade. So without further ado…

Measuring another canoe paddle’s blade angle
Paddle Making - Measuring blade angle

Routing the blade tip with the Canoe Paddle Profiler
Canoe Paddle Profiler -  Routing the tip

Paddle snugged in place with tacked down blocks in the Canoe Paddle Profiler
Canoe Paddle Profiler -  Clamp Blocks

Paddle clamped in place in the Canoe Paddle Profiler
Canoe Paddle Profiler - Clamped

Canoe Paddle Profiler
Canoe Paddle Profiler - close up


5 responses to “Building a canoe paddle – More Photos of Profiler Jig”

  1. Marc Charron says:

    Hi Nathan,

    what angle did you use on the profiler piece where the router goes on to?

  2. Craig says:

    Hi, did you use the router to round shaft? If so what size bit did you use ?

  3. Nathan says:

    I used a 1/2 inch radius round over bit chucked up in my router table. Then ran the shaft through on all four edges. The key is to set the bit depth correct so that when you route the opposing edges there is enough material for the router bit’s guide bearing to run along. With the dimensions of my shaft I was able to use all of the bit’s radius while still leaving material to route the opposing edge.

  4. Craig Scott says:

    Thanks for info on router bit. Can I ask further, what (roughly) is the angle for the apex on the blade, and what is the thickness of the paddle blade at the thinnest part please. Im working on a canoe build at the moment, and would be nice to create the paddle to go with it. Thanks

  5. Nathan says:

    I do not recall the apex angle on the blade, but know that the thinnest part in the video and photos it too thin. I took too much material off with the router. I ended cutting some of the thin material off making the blade smaller.

    Since December 2015 I have made many revisions to the jig and process for using it to improve the end product. In fact I even used the newly modified jib to route the paddle of a bent shaft paddle. No photos or info to share yet.

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